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If you find yourself reading this, you are taking the first step in reclaiming your life.  Many of my clients had decided that they would have to live with their aches, pains, tension, stress, anxiety, and decreased function for the rest of their lives.  They falsely believed that they were just getting old, that’s the way life is, or that their injury/condition was irreversible.  After trying many other avenues to get relief that didn’t last, they had simply given up and settled into living with their limitations, giving up doing many of the things they enjoyed.

Well I’ve got news for you.  That need not be the case.  The body is designed to heal itself.  It’s designed to move efficiently, smoothly, pain free, and in a relaxed state that doesn’t need a lot of TLC to keep it going.  Like a well-maintained car, if your body is in harmony and balance, it should just work.

Unfortunately, many of us have experienced either trauma, acute injuries, or chronic conditions that have stressed the body causing it to lose that harmony.  At Sunrise Physical Therapy, I offer a unique blend of personalized services to restore your body’s balance and function, allowing your muscles, joints, and nervous system to work like they were designed to.  Restoring that balance eliminates the excess forces that are stressing your body and causing your symptoms.  To see how my unique treatment techniques, refined over 26 years of practice, have changed my clients’ perspectives’ about living with discomfort and limitations, read the Testimonials.

There are several revolutionary new techniques that I use that are the reason for this success and that set me apart from all the others in this region that address pain, limitations, and dysfunction.  One is called “Primal Reflex Release TechniqueTM” (PRRT) of which I am one of only 170 in the world trained at the Advanced Practitioner Level.  This seemingly odd technique uses primitive reflexes to release muscles that can be upregulated.  This upregulation can  create ongoing problems with both muscles and joints and is often the reason other treatment don’t work.  For more information on PRRT, click here.  Another even newer technique that I use reprograms the Autonomic Nervous System to rebalance the fight/flight or stress response.  An imbalance with this protective reflex can cause a myriad of problems related to chronic conditions, anxiety, and pain.  Results can be life changing.  For more information on this technique, see the  Associative Awareness Technique (AAT) page.  The unique thing about both of these techniques is that they address the underlying cause of your problem, not just the symptoms.   Eliminating both the cause and symptom provide lasting change and relief.

I am not a traditional Physical Therapy clinic.  If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong place.  I do not have a gym, lots of equipment, or juggle multiple patients at once.  I do not take insurance (see FAQ), although I can give you paperwork that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  What I offer is a unique service and expertise that is not available elsewhere and gets to and addresses the root of your problem.   I see patients 1:1 in a small private office for personalized treatments that normally last from one to two hours.  These longer appointments allow me the time to figure out whats going on, why it’s going on, make some meaningful change, and give you tools to help manage it at home.   Your treatments are based on rebalancing your body and getting to the root of the problem, and this takes on average 3-6 visits usually spaced 7-10 days apart for more involved, chronic problems or Nervous System Reboots.  Sometimes all it takes is 1 or 2 visits if your problem is easier to address and correct.  I aim for 50-80% relief on your first visit, and usually get it.  Your treatments are supplemented by simple home exercises.  Once rebalanced, some patients elect to come back for a tune up/reboot every 1-3 months.  Others are off and running with no lingering problems.  See my Techniques page for more information on my treatments, and my Your Visit page for pricing, visit information, and new patient paperwork.

Take your time to browse this web site and familiarize yourself with my philosophy, background, skills, and unique treatment approach.  Feel free to call or email me with any questions.  Schedule an initial visit to see what I can do for you.  You will know after the first visit if my unique approach and expertise is going to help you or not.  What have you got to lose?

In good health,

Rick Stockwell, PT/ATC

Physical Therapist
Certified Athletic Trainer
PRRTTM Advanced Level Practitioner
Associative Awareness Technique Practitioner
Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercise Practitioner
Certified Sole Supports custom foot orthotic provider
Reiki Master